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Let me introduce myself...

Hello everyone, my name is Yangfanfan Yang, you can call me Ivy. I am an international student from China. This is my eighth year living in Melbourne and I am currently studying at Swinburne University of Technology, majoring in design. I have been interested in art and psychology since I was a child, I like drawing and making artworks. Therefore, I hope my design can not only bring visual enjoyment to the audience, but also spiritual healing.

During my studies at school, I have accumulated some experience in many different design fields, as well as improved in aesthetics. I prefer branding and event design. I like to create a series of designs for different products or themes to attract more people's attention. This process is very interesting and allows me to constantly step into new areas and know more knowledge. The freshness and the curiosity to explore the unknown can keep me energetic and passionate.

In my spare time, I like to watch suspense novels and movies. From the beginning, the complexity of human nature made me feel incredible, but later I gradually understood and analyzed the sources and reasons for people's actions, and finally understood the formation of each kind of personality. I think this thing has brought great help to my usual design. How to make your design attract customers' attention? The answer is to turn yourself into the client during the design process.

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